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Investing in ourselves is investing in our communities. We use quality materials that will provide homes not only for you, but for your future.

Creative Design

We believe the design of your home is as important as the materials it's built of. Creating unique spaces that tell the story of your family and represent who you are to the community.


We strive to have a large community impact, while lessening our environmental impact. This means being selective with the type of materials we use, and the sources we get them from.


While building our homes, we also build partnerships within our communities. Supporting locals lifts up the community as a whole, helping to realize dreams together

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It all began with Middle Point, Oh.

Middle Point is in a little bit of what we would consider a decline, similar to what we currently see in many rural communities across the United States.

Therefore, it seemed like a natural fit when we were looking at potential properties for our new development projects. Seeing as my wife grew up in Middle Point, it was important to give back and invest in this community that we care about and have many fond memories of.

The need and demand are there — at last look, only three homes were available for the entire community within the zip-code of 45863.

We knew that the community was ready and hungry for some new development and the availability of cost-effective housing.

Our ultimate goal is to bring these rural communities, like Middle Point, back to life. We want to see them vibrant and busy. We want to see the pride of ownership while moving through the village. Breathing new life into these rural communities and watching them flourish, and bringing these memories back into the space excites us.

Middle simply just the beginning.

As Owner of Goodstock Homes, Tim leads business operations, working closely with outside consultants + contractors that support Goodstock’s mission.  His years of experience + knowledge in engineering, construction, and public works projects brings strategic insights with creative rural development design to every project. 

Tim Lange was born and raised in Saint Henry, OH. He is passionate about using his experience + skills to help restore and revitalize small town America.

In his free time, Tim loves to play golf, pick on his two daughters, work out in the yard, play cornhole on the beach, try new restaurants, smoke cigars + drink bourbon.


Tim Lange



General Contractor General Contractor

" In the 90 degree heat and humidity, one of my subcontractors was installing trim and tile in 101 West Wood. After working all day with the garage door wide open, bringing materials in and out of the home, he was shocked that the air conditioning had only kicked on once during the time he'd been there (with the thermostat set to 70)! When he called to tell me this, he also stated: "whoever buys this... is getting a really nice house!" "

Tim Lange Owner + Electrical Engineer

" Biggest thing is we want to be efficient with space, materials, maintenance friendly, items and selections. So we wanted to be mindful to the home-owner. "

Josh Middle Point Council Member

" There are some other properties in town that are in need of repair, I would love to see that Landbank and Goodstock Homes, and anyone really, just to come in and turn what was once an eyesore property into something nice and beautiful. Something that someone can take pride in and live in for a long time. "